What is the Pink Ball Challenge?
The Pink Ball Challnge is a side game that is offered at no additional cost.  The Pink Ball Challenge is played in conjunction with the tournament.  The pink ball doesn't affect the team's overall score, it's a fun twist within the tournament itself.
Each team is given a pink ball prior to the beginning of the round.  Golfers play in groups of four (4) and play a scramble (the format of our tournament).  Of the four (4) golfers in the group, one (1) golfer has to play the pink ball.  The pink ball rotates among the team members, changing after each hole.  For example, on the first hole Player A hits the pink ball; on the second hole, Player B plays the pink ball, and so on, rotating throughout the round.  The rotation of who plays the pink ball must stay in sequence from the 1st hole through the 18th hole.  The sequence will be Player A, Player B, Player C, Player D, Player A, Player B, .....  Players A and B will play the pink ball for a total of 5 holes each, Players C and D will play the pink ball for a total of 4 holes.
There will be four (4) prizes for this challenge.  There will be two (2) mystery hole prizes, one (1) "DNF" hole prize, and one (1) "Finished Round" prize.  The two (2) mystery hole prizes are awarded to the first team to birdie a mystery hole.  The mystery holes are randomly drawn after the completion of the tournament.  The one (1) "DNF" hole prize is awarded to the first team that loses their pink ball on the "DNF" hole.  If a teams loses their pink ball, they need to mark the scorecard as to which hole they lost their pink ball on.  Finally, the one (1) "Finished Round" prize will be awarded to the team that finishes all 18 holes with the pink ball and turns it in with their scorecard.  If more than one team finishes the round with their pink ball, a scorecard playoff will determine the winner.  Teams are only eligible to win one (1) pink ball challenge prize, thus giving more teams a chance.
Teams are not penalized for not using the pink ball shot, however the pink ball must be hit on every shot from the golfer who is playing the pink ball for the current hole.